6 Best WordPress Security Plugins to Protect Your Website

WordPress security plugins are essential tools for protecting your website from malware, hacking attempts, and brute-force attacks. With millions of websites being infected with malware every week, it’s important to take the necessary steps to secure your website.

In this article, we will share some of the best WordPress security plugins you can use to protect your website. We have compiled a list of 6 best WordPress security plugins that offer a range of features, including malware scanning, firewall protection, brute force prevention, and more.

It’s important to note that you only need to use one plugin from this list, as having multiple plugins active can lead to bugs. Let’s take a closer look at each of these plugins and how they can help you protect your website.

Why Do You Need a WordPress Security Plugin?

A website security breach can cause serious damage to your business, including data theft, loss of access to your website, and damage to your brand reputation and SEO rankings.

To avoid being hacked, you must follow security best practices to protect your website. One of the most important steps in securing your WordPress site is to start using a WordPress security plugin. These plugins help you harden WordPress security by identify vulnerabilities in your site and protect it from potential threats.

Here are some reasons why you need a WordPress security plugin:

  • Protect Against Malware: A security plugin can scan your site for malware and remove any malicious code that may be present. This can help prevent your site from being blacklisted by search engines and protect your visitors from being infected with malware.
  • Block Unauthorized Access: A security plugin can help you block unauthorized access to your site by implementing two-factor authentication, limiting login attempts, and blocking IP addresses that are known to be malicious.
  • Monitor Your Site: A security plugin can monitor your site for suspicious activity and alert you if there are any potential threats. This can help you take action before any damage is done.
  • Backup Your Site: A security plugin can also help you backup your site regularly, so you can restore it quickly in case of a security breach or other disaster.

6 Best WordPress Security Plugins

Here are 6 best WordPress security plugins I recommend for you. These plugins have proven to be effective in protecting WordPress sites from various security threats.

1. Sucuri

Best WordPress Security Plugins

Sucuri is the industry leader in WordPress security, and they offer one of the best WordPress security plugin on the market and they are highly regarded in the industry. I myself uses this plugin to secure my WordPress site and some of my clients sites, it is available in both free and paid versions.

Free Version

The free version of the Sucuri Security plugin enables users to implement fundamental security measures and provides website scanning capabilities to identify and address common threats. Users can take advantage of features like security hardening and scanning to bolster their website’s defenses.

Premium Version

The true strength of Sucuri’s security solution lies in its paid plans, which include a robust website firewall. A firewall is a vital component in safeguarding your WordPress site from malicious attacks, including brute force attempts and other threats.

What sets Sucuri apart is its ability to filter out harmful traffic before it even reaches your server. This proactive approach is highly effective in blocking various types of attacks.

I recommend you to use Free version if you don’t have a budget for the Premium yet because it is still better than nothing.

Here’s a more detailed breakdown of Sucuri’s offerings

  • CDN and Performance Optimization: Sucuri enhances website performance by serving static content from its own Content Delivery Network (CDN) servers. This distribute content from geographically dispersed servers, your website’s load times are significantly reduced, resulting in a smoother user experience.
  • Malware Cleanup: In the unfortunate event that your WordPress site is compromised by malware, Sucuri goes a step further. They offer malware cleanup services at no additional cost for their users. This means that if your site does get affected, you can rely on Sucuri’s expertise to remediate the issue and restore your website to a clean and secure state.
  • Website Firewall: The best feature I love about this plugin is its website firewall, which provides excellent protection against threats like DDoS attacks, SQL injection, and more. The firewall is a shield that keeps your site secure from various online vulnerabilities.
  • Detailed Security Activity Logs: Sucuri keeps comprehensive logs of all security-related activities, which is invaluable for monitoring your website’s security and diagnosing potential issues. The level of detail and real-time monitoring are exceptional.
  • Security Hardening: The plugin offers a range of hardening features to secure your website, such as login protection, file permissions, and security headers. While these are effective, some users might find the options a bit complex.

Sucuri offers to clean up your WordPress site if it gets affected by malware at no additional cost. You can even take a website already affected by malware, and they will clean it up for you. The combination of security and performance optimization makes Sucuri a well-rounded choice for website owners.

2. Wordfence


My second choice is the Wordfence Security plugin, it is a popular plugin in the WordPress community . This plugin also offer a free version, which comes complete with a powerful malware scanner, exploit detection, and threat assessment features.

The plugin will automatically scan your website for common threats, but you can also launch a full scan anytime. You will be alerted if any signs of a security breach are detected with the instructions to fix them.

Wordfence also comes with a built-in WordPress firewall. However, this firewall runs on your server just before loading WordPress, which makes it less effective than a DNS-level firewall like Sucuri.

3. iThemes Security

ithemes security logos e1395756885473

iThemes Security is a WordPress security plugin from the people It comes with file integrity checks, security hardening, the ability to limit login attempts, strong password enforcement, 404 detection, brute force protection, and more.

iThemes Security is a comprehensive WordPress security plugin developed by the same team behind the popular BackupBuddy plugin. This security tool offers a wide range of features designed to protect your WordPress website from various threats and vulnerabilities. Some of its key features include:

  1. File Integrity Checks: iThemes Security monitors your website’s files for any unauthorized changes. It can detect if any files have been tampered with, potentially indicating a security breach.
  2. Security Hardening: The plugin includes security hardening measures that help protect your site from common vulnerabilities, such as disabling directory listing, restricting access to certain files, and more.
  3. Limiting Login Attempts: To thwart brute force attacks, iThemes Security allows you to limit the number of login attempts from a single IP address. This makes it significantly more difficult for attackers to gain unauthorized access to your site.
  4. Strong Password Enforcement: Passwords are a common weak point in website security. This plugin enforces strong password policies, encouraging users to create robust, hard-to-crack passwords.
  5. 404 Detection: iThemes Security can detect and log 404 errors on your website. These errors may indicate attempted unauthorized access, and the plugin helps you monitor and respond to them.
  6. Brute Force Protection: The plugin actively monitors and defends against brute force attacks by limiting login attempts and temporarily locking out IP addresses that repeatedly fail login attempts.

However, it’s important to note that iThemes Security has some limitations. It does not include a website firewall, which is an additional layer of protection that can filter and block malicious traffic before it reaches your site. While the plugin offers many security measures, a firewall can offer an extra level of protection against various online threats.

Additionally, iThemes Security does not come with its own built-in malware scanner. Instead, it relies on Sucuri’s Sitecheck malware scanner. This means that for malware scanning and removal, you’ll need a separate subscription or service through Sucuri. Nevertheless, integrating a third-party malware scanner like Sucuri’s can still offer strong protection for your WordPress site.

4. All-In-One WP Security

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All-in-One WordPress Security is a powerful WordPress security auditing, monitoring, and firewall plugin. It enables you to easily apply basic WordPress security best practices on your website.

Key features of the All-in-One WordPress Security plugin include:

  1. Login Lockdown: This feature helps prevent brute force attacks by limiting the number of login attempts from a single IP address. It discourages malicious users from trying to gain unauthorized access to your site by repeatedly guessing passwords.
  2. IP Filtering: The plugin allows you to control and filter IP addresses, granting or denying access to specific users or bots. You can whitelist trusted IP addresses and blacklist suspicious ones, adding an extra layer of security.
  3. File Integrity Monitoring: All-in-One WordPress Security monitors the integrity of your website’s files. It notifies you of any unauthorized changes to core files, themes, or plugins, which could indicate a security breach.
  4. User Account Monitoring: This feature tracks user activity and provides insights into login history and account actions. It helps you detect any suspicious or unusual behavior from users.
  5. Database Injection Detection: The plugin scans for patterns that may indicate attempts at injecting malicious code into your database. It helps protect your site from SQL injection attacks and other database-related vulnerabilities.
  6. Website Firewall: The plugin includes a basic website-level firewall that can detect common attack patterns and block them. While it offers some protection, it’s important to note that it may not be as robust as dedicated firewall solutions.

However, I have found this plugin to also have one limitation, its has a basic firewall and may not be as efficient as dedicated firewall solutions. It can block some common attack patterns, it might not provide the same level of protection as more advanced firewall tools. This may result in the need to manually blacklist suspicious IP addresses, particularly for more complex or targeted attacks.

In summary, the All-in-One WordPress Security plugin is a powerful tool for enhancing the security of your WordPress website. It offers a variety of features to safeguard your site from common threats, including login attacks and file integrity issues. While it includes a basic firewall, it may be necessary to complement it with more robust firewall solutions for comprehensive protection against advanced threats.

5. Anti-Malware Security

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Anti-Malware Security is an excellent and useful WordPress anti-malware and security plugin. The plugin comes with actively maintained definitions that help it find the most common threats.

Its malware scanner allows you to easily scan all files and folders on your WordPress site for malicious code, backdoors, malware, and other known patterns of malicious attacks.

The plugin requires you to create a free account on the plugin’s website to access the latest definitions and get some premium features like brute force prevention. The plugin also calls developers’ websites to look for updated definitions.

While the plugin runs thorough tests, it often shows many false positives. Matching each one with the source file is quite a lot of work.

6. WPScan Security

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WPScan is a unique WordPress security plugin because it uses its own manually-curated WordPress vulnerability database that is updated daily by dedicated WordPress security specialists and community members.

They scan your site for over 21,000 security vulnerabilities in WordPress plugins, themes, and core software.

You can schedule automated daily scans and get email notifications of the results. They have a free security API suitable for most websites, but you can upgrade to the paid plan if you have a larger site and use a lot of plugins.

Best Guides to Protect Your WordPress Site

If you want to protect your WordPress site from security threats, there are several guides that can help you. These guides provide step-by-step instructions on how to secure your site and keep it safe from hackers, malware, and other security risks. Here are some of the best guides to protect your WordPress site:

These guides I have listed above will provide valuable information on how to secure your WordPress site and protect it from security threats. By following these guides, you can take proactive measures to keep your site safe and secure.

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